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ARTIST: Dire Peril

GENRE: Sci-Fi Power Metal

LOCATION: Sacramento, CA






"Evolution's Failed Design"



"Space Invaders"




[2014] Queen of The Galaxy EP


[2012] Astronomical Minds EP


[2015] Through Time And Space EP




In October 2009, guitarist Jason Ashcraft combined his love for Metal music and science-fiction into a singular vision that would become Dire Peril. The first year and a half were spent composing a bulk of the songs that would soon appear on the band’s 3 scheduled EP’s: “Astronomical Minds”, “Queen Of The Galaxy”, & “Through Time And Space”. Without a solid line-up in place Jason utilized a handful of musicians he knew from fellow bands to bounce ideas off of and perform live. The pattern of utilizing hired musicians continued into the studio when it came time to begin recording the album. The most notable of the group was bassist Jeremiah Bear who appears on the band’s debut and would eventually join the group’s ranks full-time. In 2011 writing for the album concluded and recording was in full force at Alien Productions Studios. The missing piece was a vocalist that could deliver the performance Jason was envisioning for this band. He quickly reached out to vocalist Norman Skinner (Skinner\ex-Imagika) and asked if he would be interested in lending his voice to the recording. After hearing a few samples of the songs Skinner agreed and began to construct melodies around the compositions and rework the lyrics supplied. The pairing of Ashcraft’s writing and Skinner’s vocals mixed brilliantly and Norman was the next member to agree to join the band on a full-time basis midway through the recordings. Drummer Ben Jackson was brought aboard to finalize the band’s line-up and live sound. In January of 2013 the band self-released the EP “Astronomical Minds” featuring 3 outstanding tracks as well as a cover of Blue Oyster Cult’s Classic “Godzilla”. The EP was met with open arms and rave reviews by both fans and critics alike. The band is currently performing live and putting the final touches on the 2nd scheduled EP “Queen of The Galaxy”. The album will be released Fall of 2014 and the 3rd “Through Time And Space” in 2015. The band is currently finishing up writing for a yet unnamed full length effort and a 2nd full-length concept CD is in the works as well. Fans of the band can be delighted knowing that a plethora of new music lay ahead for “Dire Peril”